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Keep an eye on your daily tasks!


Journeve is your personal event-driven journal, which helps you to keep your tasks at home or at the office on track.


No more fixed dates for your tasks! Discover a new way for challenging your daily tasks. Journeve will keep you up to date, remembers your recurrent to-do’s and shows you all necessary tasks at a glance. Furthermore it will help you to keep all overdue items on mind, so you can complete your tasks when you have time for them.

All your tasks. Uncluttered

The timeline is your home for all upcoming tasks. Timeline will give you an overview of all your current and upcoming tasks at a glance. It keeps also track of all your overdue tasks and give you the possibility to finish them, when you want to.

Keep organized

Assign your tasks to individual resources, like your home, car or pet.

Don’t hassle

Journeve is made for your daily life. Not all your tasks can be done in time. Journeve wouldn’t judge and keep your overdue tasks in background for you until you decide to take care of them.

Do you love to work together? Get Premium!

The Journeve Premium Subscription will give you all sharing and collaboration-features.

Share your Journals with Friends and Family

Working together on an event or share all tasks with everyone at home? This tool is perfect for collaboration.

You decide who can access your Journal

Simply add a Journeve Premium-User to your Journal and set if the person can edit your planner or only complete tasks in it.